19 December 2012

Suff Daddy

So, I checked out some of the NextBop non-jazz stuff. This guy's okay. I'm going to keep an eye on him. It's funny to me that when I find hip-hop I can actually listen to, it's not usually because of the presence of something that's lacking elsewhere; rather, it's when I get through a whole song without hearing something that makes me vomit that I know I've stumbled on something. That is to say that I like hip-hop and I hate almost all other pop music forms, and that most hip-hop I've sampled is too much like those other pop music forms to hold my interest. I like this, though: no whiny voices, awkward harmonic progressions or amateurish guitar playing, just taut, attractive beats, flow and rhyme striking that elusive balance between clarity and opacity that makes you want to listen to something again. Thanks guys.

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