25 December 2012

Holidays?! Foodblogging??!! AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

At the risk of deflating what little intrigue I might create here once a month, I'd like to make the implicit explicit just one more time: in writing this blog for the last 6+ years, I've taken a hard-line, moralistic stance in favor of an exclusive emphasis on content which relates, however tenuously, to music and the world immediately surrounding it; this was in direct response to my experiences of repeatedly and maddeningly encountering other musicians' blogs where one or two brilliant missives in their area(s) of speciality were almost hopelessly buried amongst innumerable pictures of pets, progeny and, not infrequently, food. After a few years of this, the idea occurred to me to devote one month out of each year on my own blog to a no-holds-barred miasma of inanity, impulsiveness and insufficient proofreading as an ironic commentary on this state of affairs. The result is the Blog Month project, presently in its fifth iteration.

With that context in mind, understand that what I'm about to do gives me pause even so. I've never gone quite this far down the rabbit hole and I fear what might happen to me and my work if I do, but this is Christmas Day, I now live within reasonable (by CA standards at least) driving distance of most of my extended family, and I do, honestly, though I've come to it later than I would have liked, love food and cooking, and not just to assuage Wolf's Law. And so, today, Christmas 2012 in the good ol' USA, we here at Fickle Ears wish Happy Holidays and all that other stuff to you and yours and whoever else as we mark a new high, or low, depending on your perspective on the matter. Here's sending some vegan, gluten-free gingerbread your way:

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