05 November 2009

This Project is Cursed

It figures that a mere 2 days into Blog Month 2009, I would come down with a raging case of the flu. Even an action as small as typing felt like running a marathon at the height of it, and hence, I've already fallen short of my goal for this year's project. There's always next year...

I've always displayed a very peculiar synthesis of my parents' personalities when it comes to getting work done, often putting things off for weeks at a time and missing deadlines only to suddenly get possessed by some random shot of adrenaline at the worst possible time and nearly pull an all-nighter completing some project that has no immediate timetable. In the end, it usually works out ok for my career aspirations, but almost never for my health, and this latest episode being in part a result of that phenomenon, I'm again pondering why exactly it is that I can't fall asleep between the hours of 8pm and 2am, no matter how tired I am. It certainly would make things a whole lot easier.

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