06 November 2009

A Cry For Attention?

It was a sad day when I realized I had no choice but to enable comment moderation on this blog. Even though I trust myself to be an evenhanded moderator and have never rejected a critical comment here (hell, I'd be happy to receive one at this point), the idea of unmoderated comment threads is certainly more appealing in the abstract.

The comment moderation feature did its job, slowing the influx of spam comments from a moderate trickle to a nearly non-existent one, and this has been the case for some time now. I doubt it's a coincidence, then, that after posting thrice in a span of five days (an unheard of rate of productivity 'round these parts), I've now had to reject two spam comments within the last 24 hours, this after having scarcely encountered a single one for quite a long stretch where I was lucky to post three times a month.

All the more reason why this will remain a once-a-year deal.

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