15 January 2007

We Travel The Blogways

As I continue to avoid practicing orchestal excerpts, a cursory glance at recent online developments yields a newfound awareness of several intriguing diversions. With bloggers everywhere still emerging one by one from holiday-induced hibernation, my neighbors might actually get some sleep this week.

Was it not just last week that in the midst of a flu-induced haze I wrote that I had never seen Var�se's name mentioned on a blog? Suburban Scene breaks the streak, if it ever really existed at all, by stating that he finds the master of organized sound to be boring. Fair enough.

You say you want comedy? Tears of a Clownsilly delivers. Reminds me of my friend from college who took a jazz course offered by the Afro-American Studies department. By the end of the semester, he could have written this (but props to pws for doing the honors anyway).

Finally, Drew McManus links to an interesting article of his on orchestras and recording. The stats on free versus paid downloads induced a kind of composite laugh/gag on my part, although I guess it is anything but surprising. Of course, before you go running off for your free Beethoven, don't forget that you can download a whopping 20 minutes of my too-tonal-but-not-tonal-enough/kinda-inside-but-kinda-outside junk for free right here. I live to serve.

And the title of the post? Well, you'll just have to imagine the music of Sun Ra whilst traveling. (who could forget it?) Now get lost. I need to practice.

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