16 January 2007

Too Much Information

It was not without trepidation that I recently filled out some parts of my blogger profile that I had previously left blank (specifically, the "about me" and "favorite music" sections). Gratuitous and trivial? Mostly. At best, it could help to contextualize some of my more audacious comments. At worst, it marks me as someone who got the flu and had nothing better to do in between hacks and sniffles. The fact that I had to cut down the list of music to fit within the maximum allowable number of characters is particularly telling of how sick I was. In any case, enjoy.

I've also updated and augmented the links section, including some more of my music (if you haven't visited my website lately, I've tweaked it a bit as well).

Finally, astute readers may notice some suspicious dates and times on my posts. Yes, I admit it: I often write posts ahead of time, leave them alone for a few days, then edit them accordingly. Hopefully this isn't in violation of any written or unwritten blogging etiquette. I think it's worth it to aim to present more complete thoughts, or at least as complete as I can manage.

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