01 November 2014

November Is Blog Month – 2014 is No. 7 – You Are Reading

November 2014 Is Blog Month VII here at Fickle Ears. Prepare for your yearly daily dose of wry cynicism, harebrained philosophizing, and studied inanity. Hasn't it been too long?

To customarily rehash the back story here, we believe that less is more on the content-rich internet, and that being one-twelfth of a "real" blog is plenty indulgent already. Within the temporal confines of such strict self-discipline, however, no feat of pompous verbosity is off limits. So grab your popcorn, or if you prefer, the complete works of Lutoslawski, and enjoy the seventh iteration of this ill-advised foray into mid-2000s-style online discourse.

For the sake of context and tradition, prior years' miasmas may be bathed in here:


New this year: cross-posting to Facebook. Since, you know, no one visits any other websites anymore.

See you at the end.

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