31 July 2009

Blogs and Hard Wiring

The advent of personal computers, video games and the internet has not changed human beings on the genetic level. If these distractions seem to have irreparably altered the behavior of the human race almost overnight, it couldn't possibly be because they've planted something foreign in us. More likely, they've activated something in us that was there all along.

The human capacity for vice did not originate with information technology. It has had myriad outlets throughout the centuries, and will undoubtedly find still more in due time. Hence, placing the weight of the whole of human laziness and vanity on something like blogging is exceedingly foolish. If the advent of the blog has enabled the public display of such vices like never before, this says as much about human nature (dare I use that term) as it does about the inherent value of blogging, and as such, we might actually end up being thankful for the opportunity to better understand ourselves (not to mention for any number of constructive purposes blogs might ultimately be able serve).

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