28 November 2008


When a work of mine is deemed by conservatives to be too far out, and also deemed by radicals as not far enough out, I'll know I've succeeded.


nick z said...

you've touched on an important concept for the future of the universe... "extreme moderation" or "fanatical centrisim" or "level-headed zealotry."

how else can logic and common sense be heard over the screams of the crazies?

with in-your-face judiciousness.

gene roddenberry made me think about this with the Spock character from Star Trek.

Yeah, I'm a geek.

Stefan Kac said...

The universe is fucked with or without my input. I just meant to spew venom at people for whom seventh chords are unthinkably novel, as well as those for whom anything using 5 lines and a clef is unthinkably conservative.