16 February 2007

Enough Already

Reading the comments on this by a certain "Mark" has set me off. Thank you Mark for taking it upon yourself to set the jazz world straight by pointing out that "many jazz musicians have abandoned their audience." I suppose this means that we deserve to be floundering around in a world where we pay to play in clubs? (that would be the implication of the comment given the context in which it was made)

Pardon the outburst, but I've had it with this garbage. It is everywhere, and it is totally ass backwards thinking. I suppose you could also say that Stravinsky abandoned his audience in 1912, as did Beethoven in the early 1800's and Charlie Parker himself in the late 1940's. There would be no Rite of Spring, no Grosse Fuge, and no jazz at all for that matter if people like Mark had their way in those earlier eras. Mass appeal cannot be allowed to dictate the course of art in ethical terms. I doubt that Mark would enjoy living in such a world, but that is exactly what he seems to be advocating.

Each individual has the best idea of what they think music should be. Do it yourself by playing, and/or support others who do it by purchasing their recordings and going to their shows, but please don't make these kinds of inflammatory blanket generalizations about everything new. You could regret it as soon as next month.

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