05 April 2014

[sc]airquotes (vi)

"The Partnership for 21st-Century Skills, a coalition of business and education leaders and policy makers, found, for example, that education in dance, theater, music, and the visual arts helps instill the curiosity, creativity, imagination, and capacity for evaluation that are perceived as vital to a productive U.S. work force. And the Conference Board, an international business-research organization, polled employers and school superintendents, finding that creative problem-solving and communications are deemed important by both groups for an innovative work force. Additionally, IBM, in a 2010 report based on face-to-face interviews with more than 1,500 CEOs worldwide, concluded that 'creativity trumps other leadership characteristics' in an era of relentless complexity and disruptive change."

Sunil Iyengar and Ayanna Hudson
Who Knew? Arts Education Fuels the Economy
Chronicle of Higher Education
10 March, 2014

Has anyone who conducts these studies or writes these articles ever tried to get a job armed with an arts degree?


Nick Z said...

Dear Chronicle of Higher Education,

In trying to justify the existence for arts education (something that has mind-bogglingly been going on for my entire life), these "studies" you reference always find a way to marginalize it even further... in this case by relegating it to an ancillary that can only be used to bolster our national business acumen... Shouldn't we really be focused on why the fuck we feel the need to jockey for position in competition with something as utterly useless as the study of wealth acquisition? Furthermore, you referenced an organization called "The Partnership for 21st-Century Skills..." Even the smallest dose of common sense tell us that anyone who wishes to be a part of a coalition so named is a complete dick-face to whom no attention should be paid in ANY matter whatsoever. Their self-identification as "a coalition of business and education leaders and policy makers" conjures images of the most wretched collection of villainous scumbags ever to walk the Earth. I guess what I'm saying is this... WHO GIVES A FUCK WHAT MORE THAN 1500 CEOs WORLDWIDE THINK!

Stefan Kac said...

"The traditional concept of capital has already broken down when an educational credential is conceived of as collateral, like a farm, crop, or machine that can be borrowed against to obtain it; but in the case of default a credential cannot be foreclosed and resold like a farm, crop, or machine."

Jane Jacobs
Dark Age Ahead (2004)
Ch. 6—"Self-Policing Subverted"