01 December 2011

October November December is Blog Month

Due to my shipping off to gradyooate school this fall, there was to be no obviously "good" month for this year's Blog Month, so I've put it off until the last possible moment with an eye towards its second half, during which there is no school. As for the first half?

  End of Semester Madness
+ a Tough Blog Month Act to Follow
= Survival Mode


Dig prior opening salvoes here, here and here.

Shore up on the wrap-ups here, here and here.

Eat the whole shit sandwich here, here and here.

Blogtasm AcTiVaTe!!!

(And for the record, since it doesn't say so anywhere else on the page, this is the 4th (fourth) iteration of Blog Month here at My Fickle Ears Dig It. Is that clear?)

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