01 November 2009

October November Is Blog Month

October November is Blog Month here at My Fickle Ears Dig It. Continuing a tradition that was initiated last year, I will take a brief hiatus from spewing venom about arcane musical preoccupations and instead allow myself the freedom to behave like a "real" blogger. While the content will remain centered around music, I reserve the right to digress into virtually any topic, including (especially) those I know next to nothing about, as well as the barely-Twitter-worthy details of everyday life that people seem to think their friends actually care about. I'll also be using jargon and acronyms liberally, doing away with proofreading, and (mark my words) posting at least one picture. Oh, the humanity...

Last year's half-successful experiment took place in October, a tradition I had hoped to continue this year. October is easily my favorite month, boasting my favorite weather (typically the ONLY good weather we get all year in MN), favorite holiday (Halloween), and to top it off, my birthday. Nonetheless, seeing that I was on tour through the first week of the month*, and also that I managed to straight up forget to blog a number of times last year during which time I had nothing on the order of a tour to distract me, I figured it was prudent to put it off a bit.

I hedged my bets last year and merely aspired to average a post a day. Seeing that I failed to meet that goal, it makes no sense to up the ante this time around. However, given that the point of a "real" blog is to engage in self-centered excess, I hereby aspire to actually post at least once on each calendar day this month, and also to exceed 31 posts for the month (i.e. post twice in a day at least once...which is different from posting once in a day at least twice; think about THAT). Click here to read last year's Blog Month Intro, which captures the raw excitement of the initial experiment in a way which I'm hard-pressed to recreate today.

*I celebrated my birthday in Williston, ND this year with a cake baked for me by total strangers that read "Happy Birthday Tuba Man." Now that's living!

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