11 October 2009


he's lost in the form
furtive glances, panicked looks
oh shit, where's the bridge?

attention trombones
let's hear the ride one more time
i just love your sound

mix meters freely
throw in a sharp here and there
all the singers faint

faculty concert
claim ownership of bebop,
then play it poorly

conducting teacher
hypes perfunctory gestures
god bless your left hand

he may be god's son,
but I still won't play at church
unless you pay me

read in c, jerk-offs
a d is only an f
in saxophone land

the diminished scale
does not equate to hipness,
but sax men think so

a chorus consists
of new music detractors
the suburbs are worse

women flock to him
in spite of all the wrong notes
justice is deaf, too

feign relevant ideas,
prefer fairy-tales

jazz is still the shit
without chord tones on strong beats
get a life jamey

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