23 February 2007

Use, Don't Abuse

I recall that rather amusing moment in the early days of TubeNet when the first person dared to verbalize what we'd all been observing for quite some time: that the board was all but idle on evenings and weekends. This person dared to view this as evidence that most TubeNet contributors were simply using it as a way to slack off at work. Mere conjecture? Maybe not...

Allow me to tell a story from several weeks ago. For some reason, I was up well before noon on a weekday and tried to post a blog entry around 11am. No luck. The server was obviously overwhelmed by demand and hadn't the capacity to even load the page where you enter the text. I've had this blog for six months and that had never happened before...because I almost always post in the late afternoon before I leave to teach lessons.

Of course, being a musician, I myself am rarely at work (or even awake) before noon, so who am I to conclude that the high e-traffic during the late morning hours is entirely the fault of the chronically procrastinating cubicle monkeys that are today's excuse for an American middle class? It does make me wonder, though, because it has to be attributable to some larger trend. It also reminds me that by devoting any amount of non-leisure time to our blogging enterprises, us musico-bloggers are dancing on a fine line between journalism/criticism and slackerism.

When around friends, I'm downright embarrassed to refer to either reading or writing a blog, and given what most blogs actually are, maybe I should be. The web has a lot to offer to both the work-a-holics and the straglers, but it is a slippery slope to say the least. I promise never to blog while teaching or performing if the rest of you would please just GET BACK TO WORK!


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